Complementary Healing


Release • Replenish • Restore


Goddess Selene: Momentary Partnership

If you are feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, over-stressed and in need of DEEP restoration, this is the program for you. The focus is to RELEASE, REPLENISH & RESTORE and it aims to support all dimensions of your being: physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We create a soothing cocoon… inviting and allowing your nervous system to get back into homeostasis.


Practices and modalities applied vary per person and your individual needs, but may include touch, massage, bodywork, movement, sound, aroma and crystal healing, breath practice, energetic and spiritual practices, etc.

This program includes:

One all-inclusive (120-minute) Therapeutic Session

Personalized Therapeutic Plan & Home Plan of Care

Weekly virtual live group practices

Lifetime access to our ever-growing Practice Library

Our all-inclusive and integrative approach means that there are no additional fees for the application of any tool, modality or technique.


The only exception is the application of Thai Herbal Compresses, which require herb requisition and compress creation.


Herbal compresses are made in-house, to ensure the best quality of herbs and materials are being used on your skin/ body.


We will work on:

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Body- Breath- Heart- Mind- Soul Awareness

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Strenghtening Your Inner Sanctuary & Connection

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Grounding, Centering & Presence

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Embodiment and Releasing Tension & Stress

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Calming the Mind & Cultivating Resiliency

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Vitalizing Inner Freedom, Wholeness & Gratitude


What Our Partners-In-Healing Are Saying

Maebel TinokoMaebel Tinoko
18:42 03 Apr 22
Patty is amazing!
Val WoolenVal Woolen
20:36 02 Apr 22
Patty is a very dedicated and helpful therapist. Her expertise has greatly improved my mental and physical health even during stressful times.

A collaborative process: Building a therapeutic relationship

We whole-heartedly believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is key to the transformation, healing and well-being process. As a result, the 1st step to working together is a complementary virtual Chemistry Call.

asian man waving hello to phone for video call

STEP 1: Chemistry Call

During the call, we learn about your therapeutic goals, circumstances and concerns. We share more details about our philosophy, process and answer any questions you may have.

From there, we decide if we are a mutual fit and begin building a therapeutic relationship.

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STEP 2: Program Selection

Our program packages are designed to aid, guide and support you on your path towards improved health and well-being. We believe that healing and transformation is a journey.

We highly encourage a monthly commitment, however we also offer momentary healing partnerships.

You may choose massage/bodywork, yoga therapy/alchemy or both!

smiling woman with clipboard on lap and pen in hand

STEP 3: Initial Consultation

Comprehensive Assessment. A thorough assessment is created to get a snapshot of all the dimensions of your being— physical, mental-emotional, energetic, wisdom and spiritual.

Additionally, we address environmental factors, current and past medical history, current concerns, stress response and coping strategies, significant life events, social support, etc.

We discuss your reason/s for seeking therapy and we co-create a therapeutic plan.

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STEP 4: Home Practices

Sustainable healing and transformation doesn’t happen with only one session. We develop a realistic and personalized home plan of care. These “assignments” are not meant to add more to your to-do list, but rather to aid, nourish and support your therapeutic goal/s.

To further support your therapeutic goal/s, weekly virtual live practices are included with your subscription. Along with access to our ever-growing practice library.

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STEP 5: Follow-up

Your therapeutic plan is dynamic. As you make progress, your priorities shift, and/or simply need a modification, we re-assess and make necessary alterations to your therapeutic plan.

This is a key step to achieving your therapeutic goal.

Ready to take time to nourish and replenish?


We whole-heartedly believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is key to the transformation, healing and well-being process. As a result, the 1st step to working together is a complementary virtual Chemistry Call.

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