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The Luna Haven is partnering with 18 Springs to bring accessible healing to our community.

18 Springs wants to acknowledge students, teachers, parents and first responders who are impacted by violence in our schools and neighborhoods.

We hope you are finding ways to care for yourselves.

This fall 18 Springs practitioners and teachers are offering free breathing classes and 30 minute introductory healing sessions for Winston-Salem Forsyth County School teachers, students, parents and first responders. These offerings are designed to nurture the body, calm the mind, regulate the nervous system, and shift energetic patterns.

Click here to learn more about 18 Springs Community Healing Center.

Upper Body Love

Massage & Bodywork

Your hands and arms do so much for you!

Gift your upper body some much needed TLC.

Thirty minutes of massage to release tension and stress from your fingertips to the top of your head.

This package includes:


One 30-minute session


Complimentary hot towels


Three weeks of group live practices

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Lower Body TLC

Massage & Bodywork

Your feet carry all your body’s weight and carry you forward throughout life.

Show some love to your lower limbs with thirty minutes of focused massage.

This package includes:


One 30-minute session


Complimentary hot towels


Three weeks of group live practices

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Trauma Touch Therapy™

Colorado School of Healing Arts Externship

Trauma Touch Therapy™ (TTT) is a bodywork modality that is designed to meet the needs of clients with trauma histories. It is a simple yet profound, body based, integrative approach to healing trauma, unprocessed emotions or the stress that lingers in the body. It utilizes the wisdom of the body, social engagement, curiosity, movement, breath, touch and self-empowerment.

TTT is a collaborative approach to healing trauma and each session is as unique as an individual’s set of personal circumstances.

Trauma Touch Therapy is:

  • Body based approach to healing trauma
  • Bodywork
  • Healing centered engagement
  • A relational approach to healing
  • Individual and unique
  • Gentle and slow

Trauma Touch Therapy isn’t:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Energy work
  • Solitary approach to healing
  • One size fits all
  • Escalating and re-traumatizing

What it does:

  • Encourages small organic releases
  • Teaches healthy self-regulation
  • Fosters curiosity
  • Trusts the body
  • Focuses on what is going right
  • Allows for transformation
  • Makes space for sensations and emotions
  • Empowers the client

What it doesn’t:

  • Encourage big dramatic releases
  • Rely on external management
  • Avoid
  • Fear the body
  • Focus on what is wrong
  • Mitigates what’s wrong
  • Suppress sensation and emotions
  • Bolsters the therapist’s ego

We will meet weekly for ten weeks, for 90-minute sessions.

Sessions will be held at 18 Springs in Winston Salem and will be offered at a reduced rate.

If interested, please book a virtual chemistry call so we may meet. I can share more about the process, answer your questions and learn more about your needs, goals and concerns.

I look forward to meeting you.

Experiential Embodiment

Weekly Virtual Practices


Patty’s emphasis on the breath during practice, has really helped me connect and be more aware of my body


Private Yoga Student

Thank you for helping me see yoga as more than a workout. 🙂 I feel like I can take these tools and feelings into my daily life.


5 Koshas Yoga Series, Wake Forest University

It was a great class that teaches you the true meaning and beauty of yoga. It helps not only your physical journey, but also the journey of ones self.


5 Kosha Series, Wake Forest University

When I first started practicing yoga, my body was very stiff and achy. With practice, I am gaining flexibility and I don’t fell stiff and heavy.


Private Yoga Student

Building a Therapeutic Relationship

A Collaborative Process

A strong therapeutic relationship is key to the transformation, healing and well-being process. Hence, the 1st step to working together is a Chemistry Call.


Step 1: Chemistry Call


During the call, we learn about your therapeutic goals, circumstances and concerns. We share more details about our philosophy, process and answer any questions you may have.

From there, we decide if we are a mutual fit and begin building a therapeutic relationship.

Step 2: Package Selection

Our program packages are designed to aid, guide and support you on your path towards improved health and well-being. We believe that healing and transformation is a journey; as such, we highly encourage a monthly commitment.

You may choose bodywork, yoga therapy/alchemy or both!

Step 3: Initial Consultation

Comprehensive Assessment. A thorough assessment is created to get a snapshot of all the dimensions of your being— physical, mental-emotional, energetic, wisdom and spiritual.

Additionally, we address environmental factors, current and past medical history, current concerns, stress response and coping strategies, significant life events, social support, etc.

We discuss your reason/s for seeking therapy and we co-create a therapeutic plan.

Step 4: Home Practices

Sustainable healing and transformation doesn’t happen with only one session. We develop a realistic and personalized home plan of care. These “assignments” are not meant to add more to your to-do list, but rather to aid, nourish and support your therapeutic goal/s.

To further support your therapeutic goal/s, weekly live wellness classes are included with your subscription.

Step 5: Follow-Up

Your therapeutic plan is dynamic. As you make progress, your priorities shift, and/or simply need a modification, we re-assess and make necessary alterations to your therapeutic plan.

This is a key step to achieving your therapeutic goal.

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