The Luna Haven



Bodywork for your mental-emotional health & holistic well-Being


A contemplative, relational and embodied approach to living, healing and end of life.

At The Luna Haven, we invite you to feel, to explore, to play, to nourish, to reconnect, to embody, to restore…

We invite you to tap into your inherent wisdom, your body’s innate healing capabilities, your essence and intuition…

An essential component of our practice is encouraging you to notice your body – breath – mind – heart – Soul connection. To practice self-care, self-compassion and gratitude.


We aim to be a healing sanctuary…

A place where you can show up as you are.

A place where you can show up with “what is”.

A place where you can, when you’re ready, let the armor down.

A place where you can do and experience deep healing.

A place where you can BE.

A place where ALL of you is held in tenderness and grace.


Welcome to The Luna Haven…

All-Inclusive Care

Our all-inclusive and integrative approach means that there are no additional fees for the application of any tool, modality or technique.*

This allows us to remain holistic, mindful of present-moment needs and flexible in implementing your therapeutic plan of care.

Additionally, we continue supporting your therapeutic goals after your office/virtual visit, via weekly virtual practices.


All programs include:


All-inclusive Therapeutic Session


Personalized Therapeutic Plan & Home Plan of Care


Weekly virtual live group practices


Lifetime access to our ever-growing Practice Library


Momentary Partnerships


Ready to embark on deep restoration and nourishment through bodywork? Devoting time to your healing, growth and general well-being is essential. We are honored to guide, support, encourage and partner with you through your journey.

All sessions take place at The Luna Haven healing sanctuary.

thai bodyworker holding clients arms overhead

Chandra Namaskar

Embodied Bodywork

Want to experience what working together is like, before committing to a monthly partnership and/or if current circumstances don’t allow a monthly commitment.?

This is the best option for you.

massage therapist's hand is on male clients back

Lotus Moon

Restorative Bodywork

This program is for those seeking focused bodywork, deep healing and extra TLC (tender loving care). It aims at facilitating restoration not just physically, but also mentally-emotionally, energetically, spiritually, etc., depending on your therapeutic goal/s.

We meet once a week for three weeks.

Woman laying in restorative yoga pose with eye pillow over eyes

Goddess Selene

Complementary Healing

If you are feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, over-stressed and in need of DEEP restoration, this is the program for you. The focus is to RELEASE, REPLENISH & RESTORE and it aims to support all dimensions of your being: physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our programs are designed to help with the following:

Cope with daily stress

Post-Traumatic Growth

Manage anxiety

Manage depression

Increase resiliency

Improve sleep

Relieve chronic pain

Increase body awareness

Increase/maintain mobility

Increase breath capacity

Symptom relief

Increase energy

Increase relaxation

Increase Self-agency/sovereignty

Increase Self-confidence

Increase Self-awareness

Prolong independence

Improve quality of life


Monthly Partnerships


Commit to your health and well-being with a Monthly Partnership. Devoting  time to your healing, growth and general well-being is essential. We are  honored to guide, support, encourage and partner with you through your journey.
We begin each monthly program with a comprehensive assessment, which entails establishing your therapeutic goals and the  creation of the therapeutic plan.

Senior woman on massage table with massage therapist's hands placed on forehead and back of neck

Luna Zen

Touch, Massage & Bodywork

Our all-inclusive, integrative and present-moment approach to massage & bodywork means, you do not have to select one modality (e.g. Swedish, Deep tissue, Thai, etc) when you book your appointment.

We check-in with your body, when you arrive for your session and depending on what is present for you physically, mentally- emotionally etc., we proceed from there.

In person at The Luna Haven healing sanctuary only

black woman sitting on yoga mat with big smile and hands on prayer

Rising Tsuki

Movement, Mindset, Alchemy & Rest

Through various experiential practices, we work together to help address physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual challenges.

Practices may include but are not limited to: physical postures/ movement, breath awareness and techniques, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, embodiment coaching, somatic education, improvisation, authentic relating…

In person at The Luna Haven healing sanctuary or Virtually

younger hands holding older hands

Beloved Lune

Caregiver Support

This program aims to support caregivers and/or their loved one (LO). The program is flexible and varies depending on your needs.

In person at The Luna Haven healing sanctuary or Off-site


Our Approach

Collaborative & Relational

We honor and acknowledge your innate wisdom and highly encourage your participation in co-creating and following your therapeutic plan.

We are both active participants in a therapeutic/ healing relationship.

Make no mistake. You are doing deep healing work and we are meeting you where you are! We encourage you through the various practices, and guide you along the way, until you are ready to soar on your own.

Embodied & Experiential

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Curabitur non nulla sit amet nisl tempus convallis quis ac lectus.


You are multidimensional and whole. There’s more to you than your body. There’s more to you than your thoughts. There’s more to you than your past history and current circumstances.

Rather than focusing on one component, we honor and acknowledge all layers of your Being— physical, mental-emotional, energetic, wise, and spiritual.

We also acknowledge the social and environmental factors that affect/have affected your Being. Everything is connected, thus imbalance on one layer, may affect other layers.

Inclusive & Accessible

Our all-inclusive and holistic approach means that there are no additional fees for the application of any tool, modality or technique. The only exception is the application of Thai Herbal Compresses, which require herb requisition and compress creation. Herbal compresses are made in-house, to ensure the best quality of herbs and materials are being used on your skin/ body.

Additionally, we offer financial grace and goodwill for those needing/wanting bodywork, but only able to make a partial financial investment. Let us know if this is you and we will assist you!

We whole-heartedly believe that bodywork is essential— not a luxury; and should be accessible to all who seek it.

Supportive & Sensible

Our weekly and monthly programs are designed to encourage and remind you to dedicate time for yourself; to commit to your growth, connection, care and overall nourishment.

We use Healthie, a HIPAA compliant platform to schedule appointments, keep track of goals, and communicate with each other between sessions.

Personalized Care

Each person presents differently, even under similar circumstances. Therefore, we take time to learn your individual and specific conditions and your needs and goals, to create an effective, holistic and sustainable therapeutic plan, that works just for you! No cookie cutter approach!

Integrative Care

We work with you and with your permission, your healthcare team, to create an effective, holistic and sustainable therapeutic plan.

We also implement and integrate various modalities and techniques from the Massage & Bodywork, Yoga Therapy, Movement and Embodiment fields.


Just as we expect our clients to take an active role in their healing and wellness, we are also devoted to their well-being! You are guaranteed a customized therapeutic plan that serves your specific needs and circumstances.

We also dedicate time outside of your table/mat session, to research and find the best tools and practices to serve you… including referring you to other professionals, when your needs are outside of our scope of practice.


What Our Partners-In-Healing Are Saying

Maebel TinokoMaebel Tinoko
18:42 03 Apr 22
Patty is amazing!
Val WoolenVal Woolen
20:36 02 Apr 22
Patty is a very dedicated and helpful therapist. Her expertise has greatly improved my mental and physical health even during stressful times.

A collaborative process: Building a therapeutic relationship

We whole-heartedly believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is key to the transformation, healing and well-being process. As a result, the 1st step to working together is a complementary virtual Chemistry Call.

asian man waving hello to phone for video call

STEP 1: Chemistry Call

During the call, we learn about your therapeutic goals, circumstances and concerns. We share more details about our philosophy, process and answer any questions you may have.

From there, we decide if we are a mutual fit and begin building a therapeutic relationship.

gift box with wooden heart tag and flowers in background

STEP 2: Program Selection

Our program packages are designed to aid, guide and support you on your path towards improved health and well-being. We believe that healing and transformation is a journey.

We highly encourage a monthly commitment, however we also offer momentary healing partnerships.

You may choose massage/bodywork, yoga therapy/alchemy or both!

smiling woman with clipboard on lap and pen in hand

STEP 3: Initial Consultation

Comprehensive Assessment. A thorough assessment is created to get a snapshot of all the dimensions of your being— physical, mental-emotional, energetic, wisdom and spiritual.

Additionally, we address environmental factors, current and past medical history, current concerns, stress response and coping strategies, significant life events, social support, etc.

We discuss your reason/s for seeking therapy and we co-create a therapeutic plan.

man sitting in meditation

STEP 4: Home Practices

Sustainable healing and transformation doesn’t happen with only one session. We develop a realistic and personalized home plan of care. These “assignments” are not meant to add more to your to-do list, but rather to aid, nourish and support your therapeutic goal/s.

To further support your therapeutic goal/s, weekly virtual live practices are included with your subscription. Along with access to our ever-growing practice library.

two hands high-fiving

STEP 5: Follow-up

Your therapeutic plan is dynamic. As you make progress, your priorities shift, and/or simply need a modification, we re-assess and make necessary alterations to your therapeutic plan.

This is a key step to achieving your therapeutic goal.

Ready to cultivate skills for lifelong well-being?


We whole-heartedly believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is key to the transformation, healing and well-being process. As a result, the 1st step to working together is a complementary virtual Chemistry Call.

Book Chemistry CallMeet Your Guide